An international special prize will be delivered to Nikos Megrelis for his doc film "Shooting vs Shooting" by  Cutuli Institution of Sicily,Italy.
The institution was founded in 2008 by four major Universities of Sicily and by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera to honor the memory of Maria Grazia Cutuli,who lost her life in 2001along with three other colleagues in Afghanistan. A group of gunmen,presumed Taliban, ambushed their convoy, dragged them out of the cars ,marched them into the surrounding hills and executed them in cold blood.
The ceremony will take place in Catania on the 24th of November
with the presence of the Italian Minister of Interior.
The award will be handed to Nikos Megrelis by the President of Cutuli Institution and director of Corriere della Sera Ferrucio de Bartoli.


"Shooting vs Shooting" is now available on line.

You can watch the breathtaking documentary by clicking 


Enjoy it.