"Shooting vs Shooting", the documentary film by Nikos Megrelis got to participate
in the 13th DOC FEST in Thessaloniki, Greece. The festival opens March 11th until March 20th, 2011. The documentary film is in the category "Views of the world". Cinema "Olympion" is going to show the film on Friday, March 18th at 5.30 pm. On Saturday
there is going to be a special screening in "T. Marketakis" showroom also at 5.30 pm. 
The Festival’s side events host exhibitions, masterclasses, round table discussions, publications, concerts and parties. 

Nikos Megrelis presented a 10 minute demo of the upcoming documentary film "Shooting vs Shooting" at the opening
of the 26th Congress of the Italian Federation of Journalists (FNSI) on January 12th, in Bergamo, Italy. More than 400 journalists attended the screening which was welcomed with enthusiasm and praised comments. The president of the Italian Federation, Roberto Natale stated that the presentation of the movie was one of those moments when you feel that "trade union activities have a meaning when it can help justifying the truth. A truth that sometimes is extremely dangerous to tell."
Introducing his documentary, Nikos Megrelis stated that by making "Shooting vs Shooting" he is pursuing to bring the issue of impunity for wrongful deaths back in the agenda of international community and also to underline that independent and ethical journalism is vital for human rights and democracy. 
You can read the full text of the presentation in Italian at the following link: http://www.fnsi.it/congresso26/Interventi12/G12_Megrelis.asp 

Filmaker Nikos Megrelis and Dr. Haluk Sahin
Turkish and Greek students of the Istanbul Bilgi University had the opportunity to watch the first screening of "Shooting vs Shooting" documentary on December 16th 2010. It was a 2 day event organised by Prof. Harry Tzimitras, which started with a panel discussion constituted of greek journalists addressing to Turkey's image in greek media and followed by the screening of the documentary. Nikos Megrelis and Nikos Politis attended the events and participated in the discussion afterwards regarding the production challenges as also as the meaning of reporting in a war zone nowadays. Professor Dr. Haluk Sahin was the moderator of the discussion between Nikos Megrelis and the students of the university, which concluded with many warm wishes for success of the documentary.