Nikos Megrelis, creator of :Shooting vs Shooting" film documentary gave an interview on australian SBS documentary site. Shooting Vs Shooting is a documentary about these journalists – both Iraqi and international. Megrelis, a journalist with three decades of experience in Greek media and a former member of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Journalists, is an impassioned advocate for these men and women. He travelled to 10 countries, including Iraq on two occasions, to tell the story of his fallen colleagues. “What initially moved me to make the film was the silence,” he says from Melbourne where he is a guest of the Festival. “When our colleagues are alive, and they are reporting from the front lines — sending images to the TV and newspapers — they are in the centre of our lives. They make us understand what is going on there. When they die, everyone forgets them. This is not fair. "First of all, they died trying to do their jobs. Secondly, in most cases there is impunity. Those involved in their death never face justice. This is one of the things I want to underline. Thirdly, journalists must be on the front line. Otherwise, the information will be left to the press releases and the videotapes from the propaganda machines on both sides. The truth will never be known. You can read more about the story here.

23/6/2012 03:52:32 am

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